What to invest in?

What is the best financial security for retirement?

Why investment in land?

Selected statistical data

Constant value increase

Since 2004, the average price of 1 ha [2.47 acres] of land in Warmińsko-Mazurskie Province increased by over 600%.

Osada nad Kanałem Elbląskim

Unikalna inwestycja z dostępem do Kanału Elbląskiego - jednego z 7 cudów Polski. Działki budowlana z linią brzegową.

Osada nad jeziorem Luterskim

Działki budowlane w doskonałej lokalizacji nad jeziorem Luterskim.

Osada kameralna nad jeziorem Juksty

Działki budowlane nad malowniczym jeziorem Juksty w pobliżu Mrągowa

Osada Ornowo

Działki budowlane z plażą nad jeziorem Morliny - zaledwie 3 km od Ostródy

Settlement by the Narie Lake

Building plots with a private beach in a region famous for luxurious hotels

Settlement by the Kiersztanowskie Lake

Building plots with a private beach in one of the most beautiful parts of the Masuria Region.

Settlement by the Roś Lake

Building plots on the Great Masurian Lakes trail.

Settlement by the Juksty Lake

Building plots in a charming part of the Masuria Region with access to the Juksty Lake.

About us

Rodzinne Inwestycje is an investment sector company, which enables individual investors to make investments in land with the highest potential of value increase:

Our activities are characterised by:

  • exceptional level of security
  • high rate of return from investment
  • extraordinary reliability
  • effectiveness supported by many years of experience
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