About us

Since 2008, we invest in land, caring for the security of you and your family.

What do we invest in?

We supply investment products in the form of unique lands of a high potential of value increase. This type of investment:

  • is a limited good,
  • is characterised by safety and a high level of stability,
  • guarantees predictable and high profit.

How do we operate?

We buy large areas of land in particularly attractive locations. We develop infrastructure of the investment areas and we offer to investors lands in the form of organised settlements. Our operations bring about extensive increase in value and shorten the assumed standard time of investment into land.

What distinguishes us?

We offer unique solutions dedicated to investors of various expectations. We carefully choose and select investment lands, taking care of the profit and financial security of our investors. At the same time we provide help in the realisation of profits from the undertaken investments.

Key values

The key to success is the satisfaction of our investors.

We view investment as implicative of security and increase in capital. We provide the highest quality of products based on an investment model, which has proved to be reliable throughout the years. We wish to ensure a happy and calm future for our investors.


You are welcome to visit us in our office

The team of Family Investments consists of high-class specialists with many years of experience.

You are welcome to visit us in our office

Our case-by-case approach enables the investor to achieve above-average profits.

You are welcome to visit us in our office

We support investors at every stage of cooperation from the beginning to the realisation of profits.